Paumanauk Gordon Setter Club Inc.
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Paumanauk hosts an annual specialty show and occasionally holds fun matches to showcase the beauty of the breed. Over the years our members have produced numerous AKC champions many of them are multi-titled. Members who are new to the sport have a wealth of experience within the club to draw from as they begin exhibiting, and receive much encouragement and support.


Obedience training, Agility matches, and Canine Good citizen tests are also participated in to bring out the natural intelligence of our noble Scottish breed.


The Gordon Setter was originally bred as a hunter of upland birds such as pheasant and quail. The hunting instinct remains strong in the breed to this day. Paumanauk encourages this Natural talent by offering a Field Trial and Hunting Test each Spring and Fall. We strive to run the best field events possible. All pointing breeds are welcome.